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27 March 2019

HOPE for tomorrow, living for TODAY

  • From the Deputy Principal

Dear Families and Friends

Recently I was encouraged again to live for today, knowing that my future is secure in the hope I have in Jesus Christ.

As a task orientated person, I often forget to rejoice in the day and moment that God has given me. I have a tendency to look beyond the current situation, focusing on when the next phase of life begins, for example, when I finish studying, get married, have children or retire. Alternatively, on a shorter time scale, I can have the tendency to look to the completion of the task rather than enjoying the journey. I will have time to live once I finish the next renovation project, complete the school timetable, prepare the next roster, and the list goes on.

When we do this, I believe, we miss living today to its fullest, by focusing too much on tomorrow. We may not necessarily feel anxious about tomorrow, but we keep looking at the completion of phases of life and tasks to be done, rather than fully enjoying the moments that are before us. We can therefore forfeit the opportunities to deepen and enjoy relationships and experiences, and the fullness of God’s pleasure, moment by moment.

Last week a special reminder of this came in the birth of our first grandchild, a beautiful baby boy. It was a significant example of experiencing the joy of family, the goodness and wonder of God, completely celebrating the moment.

If we constantly look back or look too far ahead, we miss today. In every way, may we look to our loving Father for what we need today; knowing that he also has our future in his hands.

At Sports Day and Swimming Carnivals over the last two weeks, we have seen students achieve personal goals, participate for the team, support each other and demonstrate enjoying the moment together.

My prayer for our school families is that we will make the most of every moment as we surrender our lives to Jesus and celebrate the love of God in all that he has given us, now.


Mark Potter
Deputy Principal