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13 February 2019

From the Chaplain

  • From the Chaplain

Hello, I trust that you are all settling into the school year!

This year brought about some new changes in our family, with our second daughter beginning school! She very excitedly approached her first day with backpack on, holding her big sisters hand and proudly wearing her uniform. My wife and I looked on with a mixture of nervous excitement with all manner of questions swirling about in our heads. How would she go? Would she make friends? Is she going to cope with 5 days a week of schooling? And on and on they went.

As she gave us one last final squishy cuddle, a kiss on the cheek and waved goodbye, we released her into the care of her teacher. She thrived! She came home from her first day of school tired yet excited and continues to eagerly embrace all that school has in store for her.

I am sure that for many here in our Emmaus community, similar experiences were had. From those who began in our Foundation classes to those who arrived at differing year levels throughout the school, from new staff members finding their way, to families sending their first child to school, or realising that this is the last year of schooling for their family! Wherever you may place yourself, one thing is constant. We have all experienced a change. Holidays are over, the school year is in full swing. The notion of change elicits all manner of response from us and we all approach it differently. Change will always continue to be part of our lives, whether we like it or not, external or internal, desired or despised.

How do you cope with change? Some embrace and act, others react and perhaps fight against it. It is easy to over rehearse in our mind all of the possible scenarios, when often rarely none of those outcomes occur. There are changes in our society, in finances, in governance. Laws are currently before our politicians on all manner of issues.

It is easy to worry. Yet the scriptures encourage and challenge us to have faith in God. To trust that God has ‘got this’. Jesus gives the most amazing message that is found in the book of Matthew 6:25-34, part of what is referred to as the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus gives eloquent examples that challenge the listener to trust in God. Beginning by saying, ‘Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life…’ Jesus concludes with these profound words -

Whatever your tomorrow looks like, whatever challenge you may face, whatever situation you and yours are journeying through, seek first God’s kingdom. He is faithful. He has your back. He is for you. Tackle your tomorrow when it arrives. Focus on today, on the here and now.

May your trust in God grow and increase throughout this coming year.

Peace to you and yours.

Adam Wood