Students who select to study Drama acquire the skills and understanding to generate creative and imaginative solutions to the challenge of staging theatrical works. Drama values the exploration of all forms of learning, integrating the creative with the physical and the intellectual.

Students analyse texts and other materials, performances, and their own learning. As students experience diverse perspectives and challenge their own imaginations, they have the opportunity to develop confidence in their own ideas.

Specialist Drama classes are an elective subject available in Middle and Senior School. It can be selected in Year 11 (Stage 1) and Year 12 (Stage 2) and form part of SACE.

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Theatre Productions

Our College Musical is a major highlight in our College Calendar. Each year our students have an exciting opportunity to act, dance and sing in front of the College community and wider public. These productions are of a high calibre and each year we receive feedback on the outstanding achievements of our students, from props and sets, costumes and choreography, to musical talent and theatrical show. The Productions are a ticketed event held outside of the College and are an amazing opportunity for our students to showcase their talents.

The Junior School Musical is presented on even years and the Middle and Senior School Musical presented on odd years.

Our past years' musicals have included:

  • The Peace Child (2018 Junior School)
  • Beauty and the Beast (2017 Middle/ Senior School)
  • Seussical (2016 Junior School)

Year 11 and 12 Drama Performance

A Year 11/12 Drama Performance is performed each year in the Emmaus Performing Arts Centre (EPAC) where friends and family are invited to the evening performance complete with stage sets, lighting and audio. This performance is the major examination piece for SACE Drama students.

Junior School Musical 2018: The Peace Child

Middle / Senior School Musical 2017: Beauty and the Beast