Year 12 – Business and Enterprise

Level: Stage 2
Prerequisites: None
Assumed Knowledge: None

Course Summary

The teaching and learning program follows the requirements of the 20-credit subject, covering the core topic: ‘The Business Environment’ and two option topics: ‘People, Business, and Work’, and ‘Business and Marketing’.

The program enables students to undertake a study of the business environment, recognising that it is dynamic and has economic, ethical, social, and environmental implications and consequences. The program provides a range of methodologies and assessment tasks to stimulate, challenge, and extend all students in the group.

This program provides the opportunity for students to undertake independent research that can expand their understanding of business and the importance of the role of business in our community. Independent research provides scope for the range of abilities in the class, and the opportunity to further develop their ability to communicate findings on business structure and success.

Course Content

Semester 1 Core Topics:

  • The Business Environment
  • People, Business and Work

Semester 2 Core Topics:

  • Business and Marketing


  • Folio 30%
    • Extended written response
    • Test (Core Topic)
    • Research Task – Local Business Area
  • Practical - 20% Marketing Plan
  • Issues Study - 20% Workplace Issue
  • External Assessment - 30%