Year 11 – Business and Enterprise

Level: Stage 1
Subject Name: Business and Enterprise
Prerequisites: None
Assumed knowledge: None

Course Summary:

This is a 10 credit subject with a variety of tasks are provided to meet the needs of the students and provide opportunities for the range of learning styles.

The program is designed to have a current and relevant focus – drawing on current business issues and materials from a variety of sources. Direct contact opportunities with businesses are built into the course to allow students the opportunity to communicate with and learn from business owners while gaining further understanding of how business concepts are applied in real contexts.

Course content:

  • Core Topic: Introduction to Business and Enterprise
  • Option Topics: Marketing, Establishing a Business and Global Business.

These topics give students a sound basis to continue with further study in Business and Enterprise and enable them to draw on their current work knowledge and experiences.


FOLIO: 60%:

  • Business Scenario Report
  • Core Topic Test
  • Marketing Plan and Presentation (Group)


  • Business Plan


  • Business Ethics and Responsibility Study