Middle School – French

Language learning broadens students’ horizons in relation to the personal, social, cultural and employment opportunities that the world presents. The interdependence of countries and communities means people are required to negotiate experiences and meanings across languages and cultures and a capability in English only is no longer sufficient.

Students use French in a range of classroom interactions and experiences. They read and listen to texts, apply modelled language in creating their own texts and develop grammatical knowledge and language awareness. Learners consider fundamental concepts of France such as the diversity of peoples, religions, geography and languages. They compare aspects of environment, lifestyle and practices to Australian cultures (Australian Curriculum, 2018).

Year 7

Introductory course

(One Semester)

Introduction, greetings, numbers, colours, food and ordering food.

Year 8

Students choose a full year of French or Indonesian.

Class Text: Quoi de neuf 1

Greetings, introductions, describing people and self, saying how you are, likes and dislikes, pets, family, numbers up to 100, possessives, saying what you want to do, talking about breakfast foods.

Year 9

Elective Subject

Class Text: Quoi de neuf 2

Describing furniture and rooms in a house, talking about schooling, telling the time, giving orders and instructions, talking about leisure activities, music and sport, asking and giving directions, talking about the town you live in.

Students consolidate their knowledge and understanding of the language through various learning tasks and assessment types. These include:

  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Cultural activities

Year 10 French